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Michael McQuaid Drops ‘26 Miles’

Singer Michael McQuaid hit us off with a dope new track called “26 Miles,” but it’s the song’s mantra that makes it all the more enticing. The song was written during a specific period in his life when he was partying a little too hard. During this phase, he recalls being incredibly hungover and missing a Tinder date.

Fast forward and that missed date—which ended up being rescheduled—blossomed into a relationship. “26 Miles” a song scribbled in a notebook was all but lost. However, while moving in with his girl, he uncovered the notebook and decided to bring the track to life.

How does Michael himself describe the track?

“When I’m in the car and that gas light hits, I wait until the last possible minute. I’ve figured out I can drive about 30 miles until I run out,” he says. “Why do we do that? It’s about those late night texts when you wanna see your girl and your car is JUST passed empty. But that doesn’t stop you.”

“I want people to drive in their car, all the windows down, with no gas in their car, blasting this song and on their way to go see someone special,” he continues.

The song slaps—give it a spin.

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