With the debatable choices for this year’s XXL Freshman Class and the rise of young artists like Yachty and Lil’ Uzi Vert who seem to not only mock the preceding generation but the very standards that many heads hold dear, it’s clear that hip-hop’s quality bar is taking some serious Ls. The culture has become a cash driven thing — more driven by business and marketing plans than talent and raw, honest, emotional connection. Rapper Zeta is hoping to change that. With what he self-describes as a movie-scripted experience, he’s taking hip-hop back to the roots.

His latest record, “Overdose,” is an atmospheric, guitar-driven, ballad worthy of a spot on your weekly playlist. His soulful rap/singing style rides the beat like an empty expressway — and makes for a significant record. Keep an eye and ear on Zeta; matter of fact, check out his catalogue. For now, bump Overdose after the jump.