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Hefe Heetroc Takes Listeners on a Journey

Rochester, NY, native Hefe Heetroc has a deep musical background that can best be described as eclectic. He came of age during the grunge era, which can be mainly defined by the likes of Nirvana, but later became enthralled by hip-hop acts such as Lords Of The Underground and Aesop Rock. What his love of music has blossomed into is a hazy, blend cloud rap, trip-hop, ambient, and dubstep. He’s cooked up that strange brew with ambient vocals, and — of course — a heap of blood, sweat, and tears; Although he’s released a handful of projects in the past, he’s only recently fully come into his own. His self-professed opus, Inoculare: Intersecting Dimensions was an OCD journey marred with self-discovery and sheer love for what he’s doing. “I spent an insane length of time on this album,” he told our writers, “It’s like Earl Sweatshirt on acid.”

True, you can almost hear the meticulousness on his lead single, “Shr00mz,” which he gave a trippy video treatment. Amidst rhymes that put us in the mind of the king of abstraction, Kool Keith, he drops a dense rhyme scheme that is quite hard to paraphrase with pinpointed quotes. He frames it all within a hook that describes the thought pattern as a mushroom trip laced with alien weed — lending to big bars that are coming from an expanded mind that some of us might not quite be up on. It’s a unique listen for sure, especially in today’s endless stream of sameness.

His new album had no features and was self-produced; shit, he even designed the cover himself. This truely makes the album an honest reflection of Hefe, no [metaphorical] filter. Get to know this intriguing new upstart. Check out the video, and give his opus a spin for yourself.

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