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Z.T – Please Clock In

The DMV is proving itself to be a hotbed of up and coming hip-hop talent. One such new artist is 21-year-old Z.T — a college student at VCU who grew up on a healthy diet of Lupe Fiasco, Aesop Rock, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and similar artists who reside amongst that particular breed of haute-lyricism. Z.T believes, lyrics should be at the forefront; as a byproduct, he’s spent the past year — or two — refining his songwriting, and finding his voice. The result is a very bar heavy, almost spoken-word style that he displays on his most recent single, “Please Clock In,” produced by Soul Provida.

Interestingly, he noted to our staff that his long-term goal is to travel to the Congo and make an album that pushes both the musical and social envelope in a positive — and interactive — way. It’s inspiring to hear the next generation aspiring to take the genre to new levels as a means of change. Hip-hop is powerful like that.

Take an ear to his latest, and hit him up with your feedback if you’re feeling it!

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