YG – Still Brazy

Keenon “YG 400” Jackson has released yet another album, two years after his highly-anticipated debut, My Krazy Life. Originally titled Still Krazy, YG decided to go with Still Brazy — as a testament to his 10-year status as a member of the Bloods street gang. The project has 17 tracks that bolster a plethora of artists such as Slim 400, Marley Blu, Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nipsey Hussle. During this year, YG released single after single, from the West Coast modular synth-infused “I Wanna Benz,” “Twist My Fingaz,” and [the now aptly-titled] “Still Brazy”. Most of those tracks mentioned above were released on his Off My Bullshit EP, released five months ago.

The intro of the album, Pops Hot, is a continuation to Momma Speech on the last album — but the overall message is his parent’s concern about his lifestyle. On the song “Still Brazy,” the smooth yet turnt-up instrumental that sounds like something E-40 would represent the Bay area on. YG raps, “look at my life, been through it all got bullet wounds twice, still don’t know where it came from yikes.” “FDT,” featuring Nipsey Hussle, will [continue to] be a pivotal song throughout the year, and history, especially with elections coming up. There were key lines on the original track that have been removed from the album’s edition. “Blacks & Browns” is the most socially conscious record on the album that signifies a unification among Hispanics and Blacks against the real adversary.

The album is composed of raw feelings; from the rapper revealing information about an incident where he was shot a year ago, the issues that come with being an influential member of a set, and consistent stress that comes with releasing good music. YG is a voice for the youngsters coming of age, the soldiers of yesterday, and lieutenants of today in these turbulent times, whether they’re hustlers, bangers, or just genuine street ruffians. This is an album that the 14-32-year-old crowd will enjoy from top to bottom. This is music to ride, kick back, party, and relate to.

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