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Writhmic Is Breathing Life In Golden Era Aesthetic

26-year-old Sunland (Los Angeles) rapper Writhmic is on a mission to not only be recognized as a lyracist, but help usher in a new golden era; some may argue such a thing is well overdue. “I’ve been inspired by all of the greats … but especially by the Wu-Tang Clan, Outkast, Nas, Black Thought, Mos Def, and Elzhi,” he tells AAHH. “I draw a lot of my lyrics out from everyday life experience or just when I want to practice how my syllables ride the beats.”

His catalog is quite eclectic, mostly adorning Boom Bap beats with his signature flow, he does step outside the box on songs like “Project X” and “Who Is He” — both of which are currently available via SoundCloud. “I’ve always liked the jazzier fusion hip-hop, so some producers like Nujabes, Kanye West, and J Dilla resonate with my art,” he says. There’s an unspoken raw edge to his music.

Give him a spin, below.

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