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Why Use Spotify to Promote Your Music

So you have finally decided after doing months of work you are ready to release your first album. You may…

So you have finally decided after doing months of work you are ready to release your first album. You may have your CD out in the stores or already selling it after doing some gigs, but you may want to learn more about streaming. If you have finally decided to give streaming a chance, you need to learn about Spotify and how this can help you in earning more money.

Why Join Spotify?

This is a streaming service for music that has over 75 million people subscribed of which 20 million are premium members, making it a leader in the streaming game. This is a streaming service that was founded in 2006, and it will be a service that drives the listeners to pay for songs they listen to, instead of pirating them. The company has already made a bold claim to have paid out over 2 billion dollars in royalties.

If you want to get your piece of the pie, then you need to make sure you upload your songs to the system. If you have a label already, they can usually handle the process for you. If you are an independent artist, though, you can do the work on your own. You have to read the information below to get started.

How To Get Your Account Set Up?

The first step that you need to take is to make your music ready for online purchase with companies like CDBaby, Record Union or even EMUMBrands. The independent labels can also have a relationship with Spotify with places like Fuga or Finetunes. These services tend to charge a fee or take a percentage of the royalty fees. Alternatively, read this guide to Spotify promotion if you want to do it yourself.

When you have this taken care of, you will want to get your account with your name or the band and get 250 followers to get verified. When you have done this process, you will give Spotify an artist image; you should use Rovi, which is an excellent service. Then you create the profile, upload the high res image 2048×2048 and give Spotify your Rovi ID. Then you will be sharing all of your music to the whole world.

How Much Do You Make?

Spotify earns a 30% commission. The remaining 70% is paid out to the labels, publishers, and artist through the services that we talked about above.

The amount you will get varies.

The streaming country origins.

How many people are paying vs. free?

How much the royalty rate is for the artists.

That being said the price per song for the artist averages out to .006 and .0084 cents. These may seem low, but the audience reach is potentially 75 million and that exposure is enormous.

Tips To Promote Your Profile

Now that you have your account you need to share your music with the world to hear.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads only cost a few dollars. Not to mention if you target them correctly will provide huge returns. You can even narrow down your ads, by targeting the users that only have a Spotify account.

Partner With Other Artists

You will want to look for other artist and partner with them. This way you will have a great playlist that can provide all of you with some fantastic exposure. You will be able to create a win-win with future albums as well.

Use The Play Button From Spotify

This is a simple HTML code that allows you to add streams to your profile. You embed the code on your website so the users can listen without leaving your site. This could be invaluable if you have merchandise on your website and want to get the fans to buy your stuff without going your website to get the merchandise.

Invite Fans To Follow You

This is just like a Facebook fan page; you will want to make sure you get your fans to follow you on Spotify so they can hear your music online as well. This could be very valuable, and it will even alert your fans to the new songs that you may have coming out before they have heard it.

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Straight out of Brooklyn, New York, Bkbornn is following his dreams, with his wave-surfing music — and Bornn Family Records…

Straight out of Brooklyn, New York, Bkbornn is following his dreams, with his wave-surfing music — and Bornn Family Records production company. Born and raised in the Mecca, he carries the influence of the busy city life with him with each and every track h elays down. He wants to make a name for himself in the industry, and if his SoundCloud is any indication, he’s well on his way.

Singles like “Worth More” produced by Young DZA and “Stop” produced by Synchro are overflowing with potential — and dripping with mainstream appeal. His latest mixtape, the seven-song banger Finally Bornn (which dropped in August) can be streamed below. Get familiar, and stay tuned!

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LamBo Numbas “Look At You” Is A Gettin’ Money Anthem

Everything happens for a reason; for Florida hustler-turned-rapper LamBo Numbas, a close brush with a potentially life-changing situation was all…

Everything happens for a reason; for Florida hustler-turned-rapper LamBo Numbas, a close brush with a potentially life-changing situation was all the persuasion he needed to give this music game his undivided attention.

At the age of 20, the MC found himself in the hot seat with the DEA after a traffic stop in Texas, led to the discovery of $115k in cash with no proof of income. While he’s slim on the details of how he finessed his way out of that situation, it officially marked his departure from the streets.

His latest single, “Look At Me,” is dripping with an infectious street sensibility that begs for multiple spins. When you’re done, take a cruise of his SoundCloud.


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Get Familiar With ATL Rhymer Mahogany Stylez

Atlanta-based Rapper, Songwriter, CEO, Model, and living/breathing brand Mahogany Stylez stays as busy in the game as an indie artist…

Atlanta-based Rapper, Songwriter, CEO, Model, and living/breathing brand Mahogany Stylez stays as busy in the game as an indie artist could ever hope to be. Having been creating music since a youth — and having gotten serious about her craft, as a music artist, in her teens — she’s found herself (while under the radar) achieving heaps of undergound notoriety, especially after the release of her debut LP, Str8 Stylin the EP.

She recently sat with AAHH to chat about her come up, and her upcoming work!

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AAHH: How would you describe your music for someone who is just discovering you?

Mahogany Stylez: I like to say, I make “everybody music.” I make music about my life experiences and my take on the world that EVERYBODY can feel. I make music that the hood can feel and your mother can jam to my music; if you’re a young person trying to maneuver through this crazy world we are living in, you can feel my music. My voice is hyper unique, so I don’t sound like anyone else. I like to deliver lyrical content and pick production that you can vibe with. Also, I’m a real writer, who grew up on HIP HOP, so that’s evident in my music.

A: How did this whole thing start for you?

M: I started writing poetry, and music lyrics very young. I would share it with my friends. Early in high school, I wrote my first rap, to deliver when I was kicking it in a social setting. The response I’d get from people was so surprising and amazing — that was it, I was addicted!

Started writing more, and spitting in school. Sometimes I would cut class to stick around and rap in the cafeteria. I then began performing at various local events. I formulated a female owned and operated Artist Management company called “Getmoneymas,” interned for 106 & Park Radio and threw myself into the business. I kept writing, and performing, and featuring on mixtapes, and just established myself as a professional recording artist.

A: Who were some of your influences when you were starting out?

M: My influences are many and diverse. I grew up watching female artists like Salt N Pepa. My Godmother introduced me to Pepa and used to bring me around when I was a little girl, and I straight thought she was magical!

Watching Eve, Missy Elliot, Brittney Spears, Lady Gaga, Rihanna do their thing … I watched and emulated this music royalty and saw their power. I wanted to do that.

A: What have you dropped to date?

M: I have been on MANY mixtapes with singles like “Butterscotch,” and “The Truth,” back in the day; but, more recently I released my first debut EP, Str8 Stylin the EP. I put a lot of heart into this project to introduce myself to the world as not just A solid, viable female rap artist, but THE. The industry could use another strong female voice to be a force, and I feel like that’s me.

A: Most definitely! So, what are you currently working on?

M: I’m currently working on getting this project Str8 Stylin the EP, out to the world! I also am working on my next mixtape, which is going to be something extraordinary [an homage to a female rap icon], as well as my next official album. I’m writing and ready to dive in further and connect more with my fans thru the music.

A: What have been the most prominent moments thus far in your career?

M: I would say one of my most significant achievements in my career has been finally releasing my debut. It took some time for me to get the project finished. My fans were waiting for it.

Having Performed at “Black Ink, Atlanta” twice has been pretty significant, as well. There are still several major accomplishments to knock out, but I’m here for it and just ready to go in.

A: What do you want people to take away from you as an artist, ultimately?

M: I’m taking over this thing. I’ve been putting in my work and cultivating my craft. I’m moving in the direction of establishing myself as a household name. That’s the goal. I have several business ventures, inside and outside of music, that I’m working on launching. I want to show the world that anything and everything that you want to do IS possible, and I want to be the face for that message.

A: What’s next?

M: Next for me professionally … I am releasing my next single, “Thousandaire,” Produced by D. Grant. That drops Oct. 29th. I will be working on releasing these next two projects, and dropping my new line of rolling papers, called “Hippie Stixx,” at the top of the year. I’ll also be doing more touring 2019.

In the meantime, I’m writing, I’m in the studio and growing my brand every way possible.


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Illabit Is On A Quest To Be Hip Hop’s Most Inspiring Voice

New York (Manhattan) born MC Illabit — Rehoboth-resident started recording music as the result of a lifelong love of the…

New York (Manhattan) born MC Illabit — Rehoboth-resident started recording music as the result of a lifelong love of the culture. “My mom taught me the piano when I was 10, and I taught myself guitar when I was 13,” he tells AAHH. “I’m 21 now; I’m currently signed to Loud House Audio, an independent recording studio in Taunton.”

To date, he (and Loud House) have released two projects. His more recent The Celebration got the ball rolling — with the music video for the song “Magic” cracking 20k views.”

“I was given the name Illabit by an old friend I used to rap with named Trip,” he says of his early come up. “I love that name because toward my goals it’ll always keep me humble.

“My sound is original,” he continues, describing his music. “I was inspired by old legends like Tupac, Nas, Kanye — but, I love new Hip Hop too, like Wiz, Mac Miller [RIP], and A Boogie. I try to mix the two (eras) while incorporating other genres such as indie rock.

“I listen to a lot of different genres, so I like to experiment sometimes with different sounds,” he says.

As he tells us, his goal is to be one of the most motivational artists in the game. “I try to make music with a message … I want my listeners to feel 110% after my tracks.”

Currently, he’s working on a new album called Tear Me Apart, set to drop in 2019. “My plans for the future are to release more albums; I’m going to continue to love what I do while trying to inspire and motivate others to do what they want to do and be the best version of themselves.”

Gotta love that!

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