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Why Use Spotify to Promote Your Music

So you have finally decided after doing months of work you are ready to release your first album. You may…

So you have finally decided after doing months of work you are ready to release your first album. You may have your CD out in the stores or already selling it after doing some gigs, but you may want to learn more about streaming. If you have finally decided to give streaming a chance, you need to learn about Spotify and how this can help you in earning more money.

Why Join Spotify?

This is a streaming service for music that has over 75 million people subscribed of which 20 million are premium members, making it a leader in the streaming game. This is a streaming service that was founded in 2006, and it will be a service that drives the listeners to pay for songs they listen to, instead of pirating them. The company has already made a bold claim to have paid out over 2 billion dollars in royalties.

If you want to get your piece of the pie, then you need to make sure you upload your songs to the system. If you have a label already, they can usually handle the process for you. If you are an independent artist, though, you can do the work on your own. You have to read the information below to get started.

How To Get Your Account Set Up?

The first step that you need to take is to make your music ready for online purchase with companies like CDBaby, Record Union or even EMUMBrands. The independent labels can also have a relationship with Spotify with places like Fuga or Finetunes. These services tend to charge a fee or take a percentage of the royalty fees. Alternatively, read this guide to Spotify promotion if you want to do it yourself.

When you have this taken care of, you will want to get your account with your name or the band and get 250 followers to get verified. When you have done this process, you will give Spotify an artist image; you should use Rovi, which is an excellent service. Then you create the profile, upload the high res image 2048×2048 and give Spotify your Rovi ID. Then you will be sharing all of your music to the whole world.

How Much Do You Make?

Spotify earns a 30% commission. The remaining 70% is paid out to the labels, publishers, and artist through the services that we talked about above.

The amount you will get varies.

The streaming country origins.

How many people are paying vs. free?

How much the royalty rate is for the artists.

That being said the price per song for the artist averages out to .006 and .0084 cents. These may seem low, but the audience reach is potentially 75 million and that exposure is enormous.

Tips To Promote Your Profile

Now that you have your account you need to share your music with the world to hear.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads only cost a few dollars. Not to mention if you target them correctly will provide huge returns. You can even narrow down your ads, by targeting the users that only have a Spotify account.

Partner With Other Artists

You will want to look for other artist and partner with them. This way you will have a great playlist that can provide all of you with some fantastic exposure. You will be able to create a win-win with future albums as well.

Use The Play Button From Spotify

This is a simple HTML code that allows you to add streams to your profile. You embed the code on your website so the users can listen without leaving your site. This could be invaluable if you have merchandise on your website and want to get the fans to buy your stuff without going your website to get the merchandise.

Invite Fans To Follow You

This is just like a Facebook fan page; you will want to make sure you get your fans to follow you on Spotify so they can hear your music online as well. This could be very valuable, and it will even alert your fans to the new songs that you may have coming out before they have heard it.

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Cleveland’s Nija Gal Represents a Nation with Bars

They gone be looking for you one day they gone see 🙏🏾 drop 🔥🔥🔥 if you mess with the vibe…

With Hip-Hop at the height of its popularity internationally, the success opens the door for the future to be welcomed with open arms from all across the world like the new Nigerian-descent recording artist, Nija Gal. Born Nnena Aidgwe, thanks to her impactful and pride-centric content, the Cleveland, Ohio indie act has quickly become a new found sensation in music that the world is quickly paying close attention too.

A triple-threat at heart (actress/recording artist/writer), Nija Gal got into music through her inability to purchase song licensing for her filmmaking endeavors. Unable to get the perfect sound, Nija began recording her music to input her features. Realizing she had some slick wordplay, Nija took her act to social media and started recording and posting freestyles. Nija quickly accumulated thousands of views along with positive responses to her empowering rhymes over Instagram and began producing more clips showcasing her must-see potential.

Nija Gal’s style is blended with thought-provoking, brazen lyricism that allows her Nigerian roots to speak volumes. She gained the moniker of The Nigerian Nightmare from her impressive viral foundation. Music isn’t shy of Nigerian success; a previous artist of Nigerian-descent to shine bright is Warner Music signee Wale. Nija is quick to follow in the same successful steps with her unique presence.

As Nnena Adigwe (22) is a very proud Nigerian and a female of many avenues as she is a Comedian, Basketball player, and Director. Nnena is the screenwriter for her upcoming original series, titled, Damn Nnena: The Hurt Bitch Chronicles, the same project that kickstarted her musical career.

In 2018 thus far, Nija has released two buzzworthy songs “Me & You” and the new lover’s scorned anthem, “Not the Thumb.” On the track, Nija crafts an in your face tell-all official universal response for any woman who has endured an unappreciated relationship. The infectious track is raw and uncut, the perfect depiction of what goes through a woman’s head when dealing with a good for nothing man. Interesting enough, “Not the Thumb,” is a self-reflection and self-healing body of work that will quickly become a fan favorite from the up-and-coming artist’s catalog for years to come.

As the year continues, Nija Gal promises plenty more freestyles and release of original music for her consistently growing fanbase. With Cleveland a current music melting pot for hit new artists, it’s only a matter of time that Nija Gal will carry the indie label before being a top prospect for the majors.


Enjoy Nija Gal? Follow The Nigerian Nightmare on Instagram for up-to-the-minute info on everything Nija Gal.

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A Conversation With Florida’s Own Larry Kusha

Florida rapper Larry Kush, made his debut this year scoring a feature with childhood friend Kewl CutLis on the major…

Florida rapper Larry Kush, made his debut this year scoring a feature with childhood friend Kewl CutLis on the major hit, “Bussin That Pack Down.” With the summer season in full swing, Kush is working on his debut mixtape J Co.’s Most Wanted, as well the highly anticipated Band Tawk 2. He recently took some time to chat with Above Average Hip Hop, and walk us through his career thus far.

“My love for music started at an early age,” he tells AAHH. I was two or three years of age when my parents bought me an acoustic guitar for Christmas … I played it for a day until I turned Rockstar and smashed it, while entertaining company.

He began writing music around the age of seven. “I always wanted to make hip-hop,” he confesses. “Every chance I got to kick a freestyle or be apart of something to entertain I was there.” He recorded his first record with partner Kewl CutLis (forming New Nu Music Group) and never looked back. Three years of building their sound led to their 2014 debut mixtape, Band Tawk. “[Band Tawk] got a lot of attention, and folks quickly started to notice us for the music,” he notes.

Unfortunately for the pair, they were hindered by legal roubles the following year that resulted in lengthy jail time and probation. Upon being released, they got back to business. “I took a year off to get back to the money, and in 2017 we started back with records like “Running off,” “Solid,” and “Tom Brady” which are all available on SoundCloud (Kewl Cutlis).

The duo spent 2017 looking for a way to market their unique brand of music, spending countless hours in the studio and with TRU Digital — their in-house graphic designer.

By the time 2018 rolled around, they were locked in. “Kewl started going to record in Atlanta at Loud House, and when he came back from the first trip he came with some of the best quality music I had heard,” he admits. “I knew that was going to be our new recording spot. Thanks to After-hours who is one of the principal engineers at Loud House, we got invited back to the studio in Buckhead where we made new hit singles that we have yet to

“Stay tuned in to Larry Kush and Kewl Cutlis; we are The New Nu Music Group.”

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Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice” Shoots (Musical) Shot At Sevyn Streeter

Brooklyn NYC’s one Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice” is having a hot summer so far; the Bajan rapper is prepping to…

Brooklyn NYC’s one Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice” is having a hot summer so far; the Bajan rapper is prepping to drop Road 2 Riche$ II before heading out on tour to support the project later this year. “I was always into art, so I figured I could create art with my music and tell my story,” he says of his humble beginnings. 

Aiming for a Halloween release date, he’s currently in the lab, but there’s one feature he really wants to make the project complete — singer Sevyn Streeter. 


“She’s dope as fuck,” he notes in his recent video devoted to professing his interest in working with her. Aside from

both being talented, they also share another unlikely connection — depression.

The singer has been quite vocal about overcoming depression — at one point contemplating suicide. Trillz has battled similar demons, even losing a friend to suicide.

Ultimately, he wants this project to be the best it can be. “Need it to be one the biggest albums on the radio,” he says.

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Force Reaction Drop Music For The Revolution

Force Reaction — the duo of Silus Bedlam (vocals) and Bitter Sweetness (production) — are carrying on the tradition of…

Force Reaction — the duo of Silus Bedlam (vocals) and Bitter Sweetness (production) — are carrying on the tradition of Hip Hop with a message; mental health, politics, art, and big pharma are among the bevy of conscious topics they traverse with their high energy music. In an era marred with many head scratching injustices, a presidency that is baffling to many, and a rise in violent crimes as a result unchecked personal demons, Hip Hop needs all the heroes it can get.

“In order to stay standing you must exert a force equal and opposite to the trials of life.”
— Force Reaction

Their latest project, Equal and Opposite, is ten songs filled with knowledge, gems, and theme songs to chant on an eternal quest for wokeness. Silus’ unique cadence is perfectly complimented by Bitter Sweetness’ signature production that would lead itself well to live performance. There are a few different vibes — like the cinematic flow on the moody “Out Of My Element,” the head nodding drum loop of “Aside,” and the 80s/early 90s vibe of the instrumentation on powerful “Rise Up.”

Give the album a spin, below.

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