Who Is Splice Sama? [Review]

Back in his original form, Weeknd was a dark mystery wrapped in haunting falsettos. His dark non-descript aura made for a sweet eventual reveal. That initial run came to mind while taking in Splice Sama; however, with a slightly more complicated backstory, I’m not exactly sure how a reveal would play out.

“[I’m] an inter-dimensional alien from the planet Otherworld,” he explains in his bio, “a small planet that orbits the Earth on a higher dimensional plane where love, art, and music are the catalysts for our existence.”

So, weird. As is the proposition that he’s discovered and fallen in love with our music. His sole mission is to share his experience through songs and the stories, straight from the heart of Los Angeles, California.

At this point, it’s really up to you whether you go with it; obviously, I played ball. Huge win. His latest project (which is officially an EP) Dark City Vacation is a brilliantly self-aware and cohesive piece of art. Dripping in a low-maintenance trap vibe, this [ET?] showcases some serious writing chops and understanding of how to ride the same old wave his way.

Off the rip, he hits stride with “Jasmine,” and rides that pocket through the remaining five tracks; highlights here include the ‘I’m with your girl when she’s out’ narrative of “Mia” and the super smooth “Flying,” which is surprisingly focused on (among a few things) perseverance.

“Lost In Space” actually makes the perfect bookend for the project. Overall, his production (handled by blk.MVSK) stays quite constant—you can turn it up and let it rock without any interruptions in the flow of things. Consider it the best kind of even-keeled high.

He’s not wholly original—but he’s quality. This can and should fit snugly into any playlist you have right now while maintaining a level of allure that keeps you on the hook.We know everything and nothing about this kid. We’re with it!

Give him a spin, below.

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