Mysterious, shadowy, and new school are just a few choice words I’d use to describe New Jersey music VinLa’Infinite. With slight em raspy flow that sounds innovative, dark, and oddly compelling, he’s a new cat on the scene that’s worth checking out. His debut EP, Heroes Don’t Exist, was the prelude of what to expect from his next project, You’re Not Worthy, slotted for 4th quarter 2016. He’s gone to great lengths to inflate a mysterious aura that matches his experimental hip-hop instrumentals and cynical lyrics. He recently completed a collaborative album with fellow “Cxlture” affiliate and founder, TheLxveMovie1080p, called At The Summit available now on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, and wherever you cop new shit.

At The Summit is actually why we’re here today. The ten song project is exciting because it’s not really that innovative, except that it is — see the conundrum? The production value is incredibly strong, and the rhymes are on point. The overall vibe isn’t anything new, but it is quite different then everything we’ve heard from NJ as of late. The project itself is well put arranged and is a solid cover to cover experience; although I find that I didn’t learn anything about the artist himself. Oddly enough, I only came to that conclusion after two listens; however, we do get a look taste of his trapper lifestyle and expensive taste. It was bothering me that I couldn’t place his vocal cadence, and then caught myself giggling at the line, “fuck similarities, you bitches all parodies,” on the super dope second joint on the project, “Rooftop.” My must-listens here would be the vibes out “Lunchtime,” and “Bottom Of The Bucket,” which you can think of as a super trapped out version of “Started From The Bottom.”

The project is very now, and we can easily see VinLa’Infinite going places. We’ll be on the lookout for You’re Not Worthy, but for now, give At The Summit a spot on your weekend playlist.