Meet King Braize, rapper and Newark native. Braize has gone through a lot in his life. From unstable living conditions to the unfortunate and untimely deaths of loved ones, King Braize has been through it all. However, those unfortunate circumstances became the inspiration for his music. His flow is confident, and his sound strays away from the popular sounds of today’s rap music. King Braize is set to perform four songs Wednesday night at La Rouge Lounge for Vibes In The City.

Give us a quick rundown on who King Braize is.

I am a Newark native and a very hardworking man on a mission.

Let’s talk music, your most recent single “Car Sex” instead of having the popular trap beats/style that we are used to hearing, is a bit different. The horns in the instrumental give it a smooth vibe. What was your influence/inspiration for that song?

My surroundings were the inspiration. I wrote that song two years ago. My living conditions weren’t as stable as they are now. I wasn’t homeless, but I was alone. Bringing women home wasn’t ideal. So as a single man at the time, my needs were still a priority which I had to make sure was fulfilled. Sex in the car had to suffice. I wrote that song in my care.

Your flow is enormously developed; it’s confident but not arrogant sounding. How long did it take for you to find our flow and perfect it? Or are you still in the process of finding that flow?

I might be the only person that can pinpoint the exact moment they’ve perfected their craft. It was in August of 2012. I was working on my EP “Saturday Playlist” a little after my birthday (August 20th). Before that I had crazy punchlines but not as much wordplay. My flow now is focused on being witty instead of those punchlines. They’re still important to me, but it’s just better to me when the punchline itself is witty.

On your site, it says that your little sister Amirah was the reason behind “Mirahs’s Song.” So I had to ask when you’re creating beats or writing lyrics, is she your muse? Does she inspire you to keep making music?

I can’t necessarily say that she’s the inspiration, but she is a part of it. She always pushed me and always supported me, but her death was only one of many. The year she died, I lost thirteen other people close to me and twelve the year before that. It’s been this way since I was fifteen. They’re all the reason why I’m still rocking. Every one of them supported my music, and there are hundreds more of people living who still support my music. Stopping would cause me to let down the deceased and the living. I don’t want to be that guy to disappoint the life and the afterlife.

What song(s) will you be performing this Wednesday night at Vibes in the City?

I will be performing four songs in total. I’ll open up with “Car Sex” then “78 to Easton” after that “Ballad of a Red Panther” and then I’ll close it out with “Car Sex” again.

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