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Night and Day: A Fusion of 2 Multi-Talented Hip-Hop Artists

When Nunz, hailing from Haverhill, Massachusetts and Tampa, Florida, and Bias, hailing from Lansing, Michigan, New Orleans and Chicago met, it was fate. Active solo artists, they initially met at one of Bias’s local shows, but it took nearly eight years before they collaborated musically. As a testament to his skill level, Bias was on the verge of signing a multi-million dollar recording contract when the Feds arrested him on conspiracy charges — most of which were later dropped. The seven-figure deal, though, was already lost. Nunz was also no stranger to legal issues, having spent time in prison himself. Upon his release, he invested his life in business so he could finance his own music. The two have individually put in a LOT of work, and together they have a solid foundation built.

The two first got together in the studio to collaborate on the track, “Crown Ain’t Heavy,” and instantly recognized their mutual synergy and talent. Together, they formed the group “Night and Day,” and in the spring of 2016, released the hit single, “Can’t Let You Go.” They’re currently working on their joint album, “Tha Gangsta and Tha Tycoon,” released under Ambush Entertainment.

Get familiar, and put Night and Day on your playlist.

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