Salvation is a 17-year-old rapper from Philadelphia. Since 2009, he has been in love with making hip-hop music. His versatility includes classic boom bap, trap, and EDM. In May 2014, Salvation released his debut mixtape, Foolish Dreams, on Soundcloud. The project was the raw start of his new mission to motivate the masses to step up and chase their dreams.

In August, Salvation created a more refined version of this mission with the Will Of Fire EP release on Bandcamp. The 6-track project was composed of 100% anime soundtrack instrumentals and interludes. The title was derived from the common phrase on the anime series, Naruto relating to having the “will of fire”, the drive to achieve at all costs. With the EP under his belt, he is now working on his new extensive project, Laidback Extremist set to release in March.

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