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Unsigned Hype: elsphinx

In a perfect world you’d be able to hear every great song off every great record there ever was. Unfortunately, we live in a saturated world; a world that affords anyone the luxury of recording music from the comfort of their home. Those luxuries create a cluttered audio universe, making it impossible to catch all of the dope music floating through time and space.

That’s where I come through to save your day. Let me introduce you to elsphinx. elsphinx makes rap songs. He recites syllables over rhythms in calculated measures. He uses big words and small words. He varies the pacing and tone of his voice. elsphinx raps like it matters how you rap. Because it does.

elsphinx calls Albany, NY home. He’s releasing a record on June 5th called Brain Cave Deluxe on Pigfood Records. Take a look and listen, and consider yourself lucky. You just spent six minutes of your life on something that doesn’t suck.

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