UK transplant Big O has appeared on our site a few times. Most recently we sat with his EP The Light Of Day; his new project iNSTABiLiTY carries some of that same soulful energy, albeit with a more conceptual thematic element tying it all together.

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“It’s about an unstable young man who can’t stay in one place and is completely uncertain about everything that life has to offer,” the producer says of the 16-song instrumental affair. “He’s not afraid of taking the risk, always searching for something new, and is willing to go anywhere to find not only himself but — also — his true purpose in this world.”

As he further explains to AAHH, he attempted to make each track with this character’s ideologies in mind, to give listeners an aural understanding of his thoughts as he navigates this coming-of-age period in his life.

“The character,” he says, “is indeed a reflection of myself searching for meaning and peace in this world while using and relying on music.”

It’s an entertaining body of work, as Big O continues to impress us with quality beat tapes. Check out the project, below.