TwonDon of Upper Class has blessed us with another raw, flame-emoji-worthy, metaphorical single– ‘Black bar Mitzvah.’ This time around TwonDon has teamed up with Dessy Hinds of PRO ERA, who distinctively gives this song the edge and dynamics that it craves. The title ‘Black Bar Mitzvah,’ which alone raises eyebrows and draws interest, is a song that speaks of the political, racial and economical indifferences that occur in the “lower class” society. TwonDon raps, I feel like a black republican, money– ain’t got enough of it. He speaks on how in the black community, people are forced to work extra hard to still not make enough money and live up to the “American Dream.” ‘Black Bar Mitzvah’ can be considered a rebellious, powerful song– that tells it just like it is. No sugar-coating. The messages being conveyed are clear and straight to the point–money is the root of most problems happening in urban areas, such as “black-on-black crimes,” as TwonDon mentions in ‘Black Bar Mitzvah’

Dessy Hinds comes in repeating the verse, Black excellence, black heritage, you know they prejudice, all 47K gold membership–nigga. With an almost opposite sound of Twon, Dessy Hinds has an aggressive, wild flow, similar to a young Eminem. Whereas, TwonDon’s flow is more smooth, and has a unique swag to it (you can hear the New York in his voice). Being a product of NY/NJ, you can identify with the seriousness and humbleness in Twon’s voice when he spits. He sounds like he has already made it. ‘Black Bar Mitzvah’ is definitely a song that let’s the world know that no matter how much the “higher society” and political figures choose to racially discriminate and economically deprive the black society, black lives will still prosper. This single is one that needs to be heard, especially in today’s stressful times.

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