The beef between Joey Badass and Troy Ave was ignited, when Joey Badass released his latest single “Ready.” At the end of the track, Joey said, “With the 80/20 Split do the math, my nigga Kirk Knight just outsold Troy Ave.” This comment immediately sparked Troy to retaliate with a new song titled, “Bad Ass” on SoundCloud, where he took shots at Joey and even mentions his deceased Pro Era brethren.  

“You sold a couple records but nobody cares/You never on the radio because nobody cares,” he said. Troy continues, “You’s a filthy backpack rapper out a thrift shop, drug addict face, what’s on your junky head.” Troy goes on to mention Capital Steez, a former member of Pro Era who committed suicide in 2012. “Don’t be suicidal like your friend in the casket/Steez burning in hell.”

The two men‘s beef started back in June of last year over their record sales when Joey announced he was the “#1 independent hip-hop artist/brand in the world,” which shook Troy up, and prompted him to call Joey “fake independent” on Twitter. The feud between these two New York artists seems eternal, and never ending. Recently they each decided to vent their emotions on Twitter and Instagram once again.

Troy vented this on his Instagram:

“when weirdos jump in ya comments but you understand that their only outlet is online and you’ll never see them on the streets 😂😂😂 P.S if somebody pushes u in the back and you turn around and split they head with a baseball bat it’s not your fault …. they shouldn’t of started! #YouNotReady when ya homies kill they self they suckas forever it speaks to ya character and the company you keep WEIRDO $HiT! 🔥🔥🔥 hell Fire! NEVER COMMIT SUICIDE YA’LL it’s not the answer, GOD is Great! #RealVsFake 📷 @doncam.z”

Joey’s comeback on Twitter was simple and to the point:

‎”Congratulations, YOU PLAYED YOURSELF.”