VA rapper Trew — from Fly Never Dies — who we wrote about last month, is following up his Camp-Lo assisted “T-Shirt Remix” with a dope new single titled “Cheers.” This time around, he’s teamed up with Lyricist Lounge Alumni Wordsworth and Virginia upstart Jacob Lotto.

Lyricist Lounge was a legendary underground hip-hop showcase that grew from a humble beginning as an open mic showcase with relatively small audiences into a revered launchpad for some of the genre’s brightest under the radar voices. It also spawned a series of compilations and even a TV show. Wordsworth, who notably appeared not only in the live showcase but also the MTV show, has also worked with artists like Mos Def and Talib Kweli (Blackstar), A Tribe Called Quest, and more. So, it’s a good look for Trew, who’s features have been very impressive thus far.

Trew is currently working on a Hip-Hop/House project with Toronto DJ and producer Melanie Sutherland — as well as eying a 2017 release date for his solo project. In the meantime, check the new single!