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T’Neal – Swings

We’re always attracted to unique new artists here at AAHIPHOP; this week we’ve found a cool kid we wanted to share. 18-year-old ATL-native, T’Neal, is making waves with his innovative and creative sound. He’s a producer/rapper who recently dropped a new mixtape called SWINGS, which is meant to be an intro and appetizer to his full-length LP, CREVICES, due later this year. I’ll set the scene before I get into the goods. Lyrically, he has the cadence of Lupe Fiasco, with a blend of flow-tastings mellow bars, and tongue-twisting 90s style. His music has an old school quality, in that it sounds like it was recorded in a basement studio circa the 90s, and then played and dubbed off of an underground radio show. It features some (super) dope production, including beats by T’Neal himself.

Here’re the goods, SWINGS isn’t for everyone, although, I do believe that trap-loving new school junkies can easily have this grow on them after a few listens. It does have some contemporary elements off the top, but in all honesty, they seemed out of place and unnecessary. The mixtape itself is quite long, and would probably be a tighter listen if you were to chop the top end off; we found the first few song to be ok, but not as strong as the rest of the project. We had mixed feelings until we hit the joint “Exhausted,” and got super geeked. When we hit the Dilla produced “When I’m Famous,” though, we completely understood this kid. Lyrically, he’s a beast — and from “Exhausted” on — the project becomes a gem, sprinkled with witty bars, and scratchy production we older heads grew up on.

As a producer, T’Neal stands out; however, the production style seems to clash slightly with the mellow jazzy vibes the other producers laid out. They’re dope, though. Perhaps he should do a completely self-produced project. His style puts me in the mind of MF DOOM, regarding eclectic samples and sheer risks they take. “Precipitation,” the “Nautilus” sampled “The Peaceful Section,” and “Camouflage.” Are all must listens on this mixtape.

He has such a unique vibe; we strongly encourage readers to get on this kid before the right person snatches him up, and takes him to the next-level. Good old fashioned hip-hop. Solid listen.

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