Three Reasons I Want To Be Friends With Michael Christmas

It simply blows my mind to think that 48 hours ago, I had no idea who Michael Christmas was. I may be a little late to the party, but thanks to my hours of web surfing through articles and YouTube interviews/videos I’m all caught up. Michael Christmas is a 21-year-old rapper who hails from Boston. At the age of 11 he was writing his rhymes; a misfit/loner in high school, Christmas never really had friends. A fact about himself that he doesn’t mind sharing. Just by watching a handful of interviews I instantly felt the need to become actual friends with Michael Christmas. He’s a personable, down to earth, and radiates positivity. So below are three big reasons why I (as well as the whole AAHipHop Team) should be friends with him.
1. He wants to make it cool for others to be themselves. – I find it very hard not to notice the severe lack of originality amongst my fellow millennials. Nowadays everybody wants to look/sound/be somebody else. So it’s a good feeling to know that Michael Christmas wants people to be who they are. Unlike other artists who may rap about living luxury/lavish lifestyles, he raps about the exact opposite. He raps about stuff that is relatable, like his love for a good taco cart.

2. He’s able to poke fun at himself. – Michael’s dry sense of humor is part of his musical charm that’s weaved within his verses. Toward the end of a single titled “Hate”, he casually slips in one line about “running through the six with no hoes.” A play on words from Drake’s “running through the six with my woes”. He’s able to crack jokes about himself in a way that’s upbeat and doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

3. He’s ambitious: Michael may not have a college degree like the rest of his peers since he dropped out of high school his junior year. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t out here working just as hard, if not harder than the rest of us. In the past six years, he has gone from performing at Open Mic events to performing at SXSW. This summer he’s headlining his tour with Tunji Ige. Bring Yo Friends is an 11 city North American tour starting in June in Atlanta, Georgia.

I have a million more reasons as to why I should be friends with Michael Christmas, but for the sake of this story, I’ll keep it short. Be sure to check out his new song “Cell Phone” from his EP Baggy eyes out May 25th!

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