Toronto based rhymer – and member of the Freedom Writers collective – Theology 3 sent us his latest EP Paying Hommage this week. Boy, are we glad he did! The 4-track release definitely stands out. This is the first release from Theo since his 2013 LP Airplanes Over One Way Street, which you should give an ear to if you missed it. A renowned community worker, the outspoken rapper is known for dropping serious knowledge on his tracks – Paying Homage is no different. Stream it after the jump.

Theo shows his talent while paying hommage on the title-track, addressing injustice on White Trash, calling out weak rappers on the clever Things Rappers Are Most Scared Of and dropping bars the jazzy Amir produced Universe Things. If you’re not familiar with Theo, get familiar. Real heads have been on to him for a minute!