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The New Age Of Texas Hip Hop: Bishop3rd000

While other kids his age were bumping southern artists like UGK, Screwed Up Click, and 8ball & MJG, Houston-based MC Bishop3rd000 drew inspiration from artists outside of his region. Artists like Ice Cube, 2pac, Dr.Dre, Wu-Tang Clan, and DMX all inspired him—along with regional acts such as Outkast, Goodie Mob, UGK, and Geto Boys.

Bishop is set out to bring the essence of hip-hop and good music back to the forefront. “Great music is emotions and substance in perfect rhythmic form; your voice is an instrument, and when it blends perfectly with the beat it is an unstoppable force.” Get familiar with Bishop3rd000—check out our Q&A with the Texas spitter below, and check out his latest album!

Tell me about your music.

I’d explain my music as being unapologetic, high energy, no filter, afro-futuristic funk with a splash of 90s golden era hip-hop. Lots of people call me the new age DMX.

How did you get involved in the game?

I initially got involved in music by freestyling with my friends and doing freestyle battles while we had downtime in class at High School. In College is when I started recording music. 

Who/what were some of your influences?

My Pops introduced me to hip-hop, so he’s my biggest influence. 2pac, Andre3000, Wu-Tang Clan, Ice Cube, Nas, Biggie, and Jay-Z probably my biggest [hip-hop] influences.

What are you currently working on?

Juneteenth EP—coming soon.

What have been some of your biggest achievements thus far?

Getting co-signs from established industry people.

What are your goals in the industry?

Use my music as a stepping stone to tap into other entertainment outlets.

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