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The Fresh Air: Vibe Out With Geoffrodamus

Honesty, substance, realness, bars and hella bass — that’s what [Geoffrodamus] delivers.

A new album made its way across my desk today, all the way from Albuquerque, New Mexico. A young rapper by the name of Geoffrodamus — just trying to get his name out there. The project is called The Fresh Air EP; with a running time of only 19 minutes, it’s succinct, but devoid of too much filler. Sonically, it’s a blend of soulful samples, dark Tyler The Creator-esque production aesthetic, and an admirable amount of slow-flow truth and substance. I’m always down to support these young cats that drop records without conforming to the yawn-inspiring trap-wave currently running the scene. With more and more emphasis on bars, and the game [seemingly] beginning to regress back to a skills-first mentality, this kid may just have the right idea.

Content-wise, it’s a blend on very short 1-2 verse records and interlude type joints, with some pretty heavy stuff. “Let’s Be Real,” for example, sees him touching on his drug abuse, his [depression] fuelled thoughts of suicide, his rocky relationship with his son’s mother — and more. I was rocking this on shuffle (by accident) and listening to this joint first left me in awe of how honest/open he was, without seeming phony. He reminisces back to his pre-fatherhood life on the track “Oldies, ” and gets busy on a super bassy [almost screwed] Mary J Blige sample on “505 Flows.” He hits his stride on the vibed out Outro — which sports production reminiscent of the early solo days of Erick Sermon.

Honesty, substance, realness, bars and hella bass — that’s what this EP delivers. With only two years in, Geoffrodamus shows some great promise and a good ear for production. Keep this kid on your radar — and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on his latest ish as it becomes available.


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