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The Early 2000’s Are Back: Steve Peeps Announces A New DJ Set

“I try to represent the in-your-face break the rules bravado you would expect to see if Tupac had a child with The Spice Girls”.
– Steves Peeps

Beantown fashion designer — having worked with the likes of Björk and Gaga — and (former) MySpace celebrity Steve Peeps has made a name for himself. In 2009, he claimed the position as the 8th most popular non-music profile on MySpace, which is a big deal. Since the fall of the Ill-fated social behemoth, Steve has managed to stay relevant – launching numerous fashion and web endeavours. As of late, he’s been hitting various after-hours spots dropping a crazy new early 2000’s, PC-sound/hip-hop infused set – and recently he announced he’s dropping an official mixtape dropping the end of the month via Soundcloud. Anything this man curates is bound to be entertaining. Stay tuned to his Facebook, and official website, for more release details.

The Early 2000's Are Back: Steve Peeps Announces A New DJ Set

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