Textrax, aka SB, is an unsigned rapper straight out of Texas; he’s been establishing his brand — and career — over the past decade. That’s massive grind. At the young age of 13, SB began writing music, but it didn’t become his focus [and passion] until he caught a drug charge back in 1999. The experience in jail inspired him to change his life and repurpose regrets and anger into music. His creativity began to soar, and soon after his release, he started Square-Bitness Record. He’s striving to become an artist that doesn’t sound “typical.” With a cadence that subtly resembles Scarface, SB goes in.

His latest single “H.D.D,” which is a playful acronym for “Hit Her With The Dope Dick,” is at once a theme song to ride and smoke to on the way to a booty call, and a strip-club anthem [presumably]. Worth a few spins.