In a lane that was once dominated by Combat Jack, there is now a ton of traffic — and it’s a beautiful thing. Over the few years, we’ve seen some of the game’s best story tellers emerge as podcast hosts, commentating and sharing incredible background stories and insight that real heads have been losing their minds over.

If it seems like podcasts are now the biggest thing in Hip Hop, well, they are. If you feel left out for not being up on them, there’s no need to worry. It may seem daunting — but it’s nothing that a little guidance can’t fix. I’ve rounded up a few of the podcasts that I’m currently obsessed with, below, and pointed out my fav moments thus far.

As far as Hip Hop stories go, this summer has been filled with some pretty amazing Podcast moments; so, play catch-up now, while you still can.

In Real Life

Angie Martinez and Minya Oh — better known as Miss Info — have been in the game for a minute. Longtime friends, both former Hot 97 on-air personalities, authors, and mothers, they share an interesting dynamic on their new podcast In Real Life. Mostly improvised, and rarely following any prescribed order, they candidly approach topics that range from life to music from a woman’s perspective.

It has the appeal of two homies having a casual convo over lunch. Their passion for the culture, deep knowledge — and interpersonal relationships — with the artists they discuss makes for a solid listen.

Fav moment thus far:

I truly appreciated and enjoyed the way they chose to approach the passing of Prodigy during their second episode. Their relationships with him shine through and result in thoughtful insight.

Check it out, below.

Drink Champs

In many ways, Drink Champs, hosted by N.O.R.E and DJ EFN, has emerged as the front runner among the many podcasts of the day. The premise is genius; N.O and crew get drunk and high while legends in the game spill an egregious amount of tea and share incredible stories that we’ve never heard before.

The guests are incredible, but it’s also hard to ignore the media personality that Noreaga has become, as well. He often drops sidebar stories — serving as a reminder of the fact that he’s also been in this game for years. Often, he also has personal stories and anecdotes that involve the guests, which makes it seem as though you’re truly listening in as a group of old droogs get listed and reminisce. A must-listen.

Fav moment thus far:

The latest episode with Wyclef had it all, amazing insight into the classic Canibus vs. LL Cool J battle, insight into how Wu Tang Clan influenced “Maria Maria” and a ton of singing.

Stretch & Bobbito

Stretch and Bob helped to springboard a lot of acts back in the 90s; ironically, though, while incredibly articulate and blessed with incredible guests, they rarely did straight-forward interviews. What’s Good with Stretch & Bobbito, their triumphant return to the “air” via NPR podcast series, is the opposite of their classic show on WKCR, with little to no music and all talk.

Four episodes deep, and I’m completely hooked. Guests so far have included comedian Dave Chappelle — along with Donnell Rawlings — Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali and best-selling author Eddie Huang.

Fav moment thus far:

I enjoyed episode four, with Chance The Rapper as a guest. From parenthood to Hip Hop becoming more “happy,” it was an insightful interview; very well put together.


Mogul is an incredible docu-series by the G.O.A.T of this podcast game, Combat Jack. Over six episode, and numerous bonus/supplementary stories, we hear about the life of Chris Lighty, his meteoric rise to the top, and his tragic death — with some incredible stories along the way.

From the incredible amount of background to the show’s music — which is provided by Prince Paul and Don Newkirk — it’s an absolute must listen, and deserving of immense accolades.

Happy listening!