Roots. Culture. Hip-Hop. Artists Steez76D and Karma have come together to create a musical masterpiece that’s – in actuality — a tribute to both where Hip Hop has come from and where it’s heading. The new project, Steez76D Karma, promises to take you on a cosmic journey through space and time. The musical evolution is started with the intro track “Hello” hinting subtle influences from ‘Pink Floyd’ and gradually evolving into certified street anthems like “G Ways” featuring west coast legend Kokane and “Take You There” featuring buzzworthy rapper Mitchy Slick. These records capture the authentic sound of the West Coast and bridge the album to the future where trap-influenced beats and futuristic rhymes dominate the rest of the auditory experience. The album is sonically engineered, so the vocals and lyrics are brought to the front to stand out. The album aims to expand the limits with dynamic range traveling through multiple musical sub-genres.

Their latest visual for the aforementioned “Hello” is haunting – pitting the guys in what appears like a desolate desert backdrop, adding some tense depth to the super head nodding track that’s dripping with 90s soul vibes. Check it out below – and stay tuned for the album. As a bonus, there’s a cool behind the scenes vlog piece with the guys. Get familiar; they got mad talent.