Scottish rapper — and studio engineer — Shadoh, hits with another one, fresh off of his super dope (and searing) Catch That Geek that released earlier this year. He’s now dropped visuals for “Get Spun” — a diss record made for several other local artists the on the classic Pow instrumental, by Lethal Bizzle. I don’t know who the other artists are; but, they just caught a serious fade. So much so that I’m looking forward to their responses. Admittedly, I’m quite ignorant about the intricacies of the grime scene, but one of our goals here at AAHIPHOP for 2016 is to get more worldly and explore more circles abroad. Consider this the first entry.

Shadoh had some especially real words for some haters suggesting he’s been bolstering his latest effort with fake plays:

“We market our music by getting featured on websites with large following and actually expanding further afield to work with organisations and companies in America and many other countries so we can expand whats called a fucking fan base lol. When I’m offline, my management is working and when my management is offline I’m working. The results we get for the work and effort we put in actually isn’t good enough yet. so keep trying to show us up outta jealousy lol, the only thing we pay for over here is our marketing and promotion. like all serious artists and management firms should.‬ [sic] ”

Well played!

To help you make some more sense of it all, I’m going to drop the original Lethal Bizzle joint below as well. So, give Shadoh a listen, homie is nice with it.