Like most upcoming artists that you’ve never really heard of, Kansas City-born Alicia Watson — professionally known as Severe180 — had been through highs and lows on her journey. There was a time when she was so exhausted from her consistent work ethic that she fell apart for several years; ultimately, she was trying to find a balance between continuously pursuing her passion, her purpose, the gift, maintaining a family, dealing with failures, and her social life. She continued to move forward, though, and as a result learned the art of writing, singing, the basics of engineering, producing, directing, amateur digital phone art, editing, and script writing. Her experiences not only built her character, but it shaped her vision.

In 2005 she created The Habitual Writers Agency — and her current chapter now includes The Think Group Network–Channel It. She’s also working with Unlabeled Records, an upcoming company that is focused on building the artist and the business in a direction that allows them to create and work towards a customized approach to success.

All that to say, her passion for creating music hasn’t wavered much. Check out her latest track, “Come On,” and learn more about her on her website.