Sammie is determined to keep RNB Soul alive. The From The Bottom To The Top singer released a new album Indigo, and all twelve tracks was written by Sammie himself. Indigo is available to buy on iTunes and can be streamed for free via Soundcloud. To sweeten his album release, he is offering his fans the opportunity to purchase an autographed copy for $10, through PayPal. Indigo is filled with love, pain, and he is unquestionably revealing it all. According to, his Instagram (@sammiealways), Sammie is in the process of shooting a music video for the second track on the album titled, Exes. A song devoted to his past relationships and how they haunt him on his timeline.

Just a few years back, the Come With Me singer went through an identity crisis and wanted his fans to address him as Leigh Bush (his government name). So, he released “Leigh Bush Project” (2013) on iTunes, which people did not recognize. In 2015, a single with the Ying Yang Twins titled “Show Me” was released. If you are shocked that Sammie is still singing, listen to his latest project and single, “Indigo,” and witness Sammie all grown up.

Sammie describes the catalyst for “Indigo” on his Soundcloud page:

“This song is inspired by a true life experience. #Indigo has two meanings (it’s a color regarded to as a color on the visible spectrum and also found in the rainbow located between the colors blue and violet. I’m very much so at an in between state in life as it relates to love. I believe in monogamy, I believe in being loyal to a woman wholeheartedly. However, I’ve also failed epically at living up to that standard as a man in my past relationship, something I regret and am eternally sorry for. So in this record I’m crying out her (AKA #Indigo), open up and allow me back in, to fix what I’ve broken. Many have inquired on the meaning of #Indigo, now you have it.”