Rockness Monsta Live in Silver Spring

From the moment Big Rock entered the Fire Station 1 house, you could tell BK was in the house. Immediately transforming the atmosphere around him with each step he took. With an unmistakable voice that rocks the soul of hip hop to its core, the Rockness Monsta did not hold back. Having a moment to sit with the artist, you could still feel the tragedy of losing his right-hand man, his brother Ruck (Sean Price), who’s tragic passing remains a mystery. But rather than dwell on the “how and “why”, we watched and joined in the celebration as Rock annihilated the Fire Station 1 stage in Silver Spring, Md. Dropping jewels from Heltah Skeltah’s 96’ album “Knockturnel”, Rockness let loose with a storm! Blessing the crowd with freestyles and a few samples from upcoming albums, it was clear that Big Rock is still the untamed monsta of hip hop.

[All photo by Nick Fullen]

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