Reader Choice: Madlib’s Finest

Reader Choice: Madlib's FinestDJ, visionary producer, crate digging royalty, and rapper, Madlib, is a 16+ year veteran in the Hip-Hop community. Born Otis Jackson Jr. on 24 October 1973, he was native to the music gene; his father was a singer and jazz musician, and his mother was a phenomenal songwriter and piano player. Madlib — and his brother Oh No — decided to follow in their footsteps.

“Rapper’s Delight,” the first record he ever listened to, changed his life completely, but his father and brother were his biggest supporters and pushed him in the direction of his career. They schooled him on how to utilize “old school” beats fused with more hip generational beats; which enabled his passion to become a producer.

In 1999, he signed his first record deal and dropped his first album on Stones Throw. The album, Soundpieces: Da Antidote featured two of his classmates Jack Brown (a.k.a. Wildchild) and Romeo Jimenez (now DJ Romes); they collectively called themselves The Lootpack.

He never looked back.

Now — over 15 years later — he has produced countless hits and cult classics, including his latest work with Kanye West ft. Kendrick Lamar. The song, “No More Parties In L.A.,” marks their first collaboration together — and it appears on Kanye’s new album TLOP. At the age of 42, Madlib doesn’t show signs of slowing down and has yet to disappoint his fans. The infamous loop digger’s colorful beats continue to bring new life to any artists brave enough to tackle them.

A month ago, we engaged our readers and asked them to share their fave Madlib songs with us. Well, we tallied up the votes; according to all of you, below are his top tracks. Sit back, relax and catch a vibe — or two.

“Come On Feet”





Madvillain feat Quasimoto







“Burgundy Whip”



Freddie Gibbs


Freddie Gibbs

“All Caps”


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