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Rapper T.B Is Walking On Faith

Terrence Boyce’s story is one that needs to be shared nationally. Known professionally as T.B, the Memphis, Tennessee-native and Fire Proof 1 Records artist is actually “walking on faith.” From feeding the homeless to ministering at local churches, T.B isn’t giving back to the community for a photo opp or more likes on social media; it’s truly his passion to use his platform as an artist to be of service to others. His selfless volunteer work even earned him recognition – and an award – from President Obama, who proclaimed “Your volunteer service demonstrates the kind of commitment to your community that moves America a step closer to its great promise.” Pretty impressive right?

Shortly after accepting his award, T.B made headlines for turning down a deal worth six figures. He decided not to roll with the force behind two of the most successful artists in the industry – Yo Gotti and Future – because he didn’t want to be “subconsciously influenced” to change his music. That’s a bold statement; although, he clearly has a good head on his shoulders. In 2015, he wrapped his Sinner 2 A Saint 2 Tour, become an MTV Artist, and released the official Memphis Grizzlies Song during their playoff run.

Check out T.B’s new Single Walk On Gold, featuring Swift (formally known as R-Swift).

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