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Rapper Actor Grasshead finds Healing Through his Music

Dade County, Florida, has quite a range of Hip Hop vibes seeping through its veins; Grasshead, repping Homestead, is bringing a positive alternative to the darker imagery we’ve become accustomed to in the past year or so. “My music is always made so the listener can use the track as a foundation for finding their way,” he tells fans on his SoundCloud comment stream.

Grasshead brings together many different sounds — all while staying close to his hip-hop roots. He was recently featured in the film “Paying Mr. McGetty,” playing himself. As well, his new single “Bada Bing Bam Bong” was used in the new Sony Crackle show “Start Up.” He is currently working on brand new music for season 2 of “Start Up,” among many other projects.

Check out his song “Magical Door” to get a taste of what Grasshead Music offers. “This track is all about finding a way to vent and get away from the stresses of your life,” he explained to a fan on SoundCloud. “Whether it’s through spiritual healing, mind elevation, or as simple as finding healing through your music.”

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