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Pop Buchanan: Bringing Hip Hop Back

BK-born rapper Pop Buchanan has been holding the borough for years now — since around 98 to be exact. Obviously being from BK, the culture was all around him; and with his older brother also spitting, his foray into the industry was inevitable.

The Younger cousin of longtime Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Buddha Monk, Pop definitely has a lot going for him. With a new project out now and a lot of heat lined up — including a collaboration with Brooklyn rapper Skyzoo, Pop recently took some time out to chat with AAHH about life and music.

How did you get involved in the music industry?

I started rapping when I was 15. My first album was with a group called Council. This group later become the Immobalarie — featuring one-time Jay-Z collaborator Jaz-O, the Originator. My older brother was a member of that group.

Tell me about your relationship with Buddha Monk.

Buddha Monk is my older cousin. He pretty much raised me. B ran with my Dad, and they did business together; B held my Dad down a lot with his tax business. I love Buddha.

What do you have out right now?

I recently dropped my new mixtape, 0 to 60 featuring Soho Kings, Ed-Ape, and Nudgi-Nudge. I also dropped a few popular singles this year, “Mark of the Beast,” “SEXOLOGY,” “Elevate,” “Off the Books, and “0 to 60.”

You have a track with Skyzoo brewing — how did you two connect?

Skyzoo and I went to college together. He was always humble and was willing to support my comeback to Hip Hop. We have a real dope classic Brooklyn record featuring my dude Che Logan coming out. I plan to do some dope work with Skyzoo. He makes me proud to be from Brooklyn and Hip Hop.

What keeps you motivated, having been in the game so long?

I stay motivated because of the art. I can’t give it up. I hate the politics of hip hop, but I love the art. I believe in the music and most importantly lyrics. Being that I am now five years sober, my high comes from being a certified recording artist.

What is your ultimate career goal?

My ultimate career goal is to be recognized as official. I want to bring new life to the underground and help the resurrection of boom bap. I want to blow up for my lyrics. I plan to rap until I am 50, then retire knowing that I never gave up. I will be a millionaire with or without Hip Hop. I don’t rap for the illusion of wealth. I am smart; I have businesses, I make money, I balled out already, I live the rock star life already. I am chilling at this point in my life. I survived almost doing FED time, addiction, college graduation, crazy hoes, making more money than I can spend. I crashed and burned — and lived to tell the story. Listen to “Off the Books” on Spotify, and you will understand. I am focused on being motivational and using Hip Hop as a positive platform to help our community. I just want to spit hot shit while doing it.

What are your thoughts on the current industry?

My thoughts on the current direction of Hip Hop is progress. I like what the kids are doing. People don’t understand that lyrically these young cats are spitting complex shit. As a rapper, I can see the evolution. I am more conservative because I come from a more technical era. I see people, especially generation X, seeking and missing real Hip Hop. So people are more receptive to lyrics now — more than ever. I came out of retirement to rap for my generation. Although, I understand this new school mumble rap, trap, and trill movement, and respect it. I see a large amount of my generation seeking what they call real Hip Hop. They miss actual hard core flows and lyrics. I am here to fill that void.

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