Photo credit: @karlyshoots

Whether or not you agree or even fuck with this new wave of artists flooding the industry, they’re here to stay — and they’re doing numbers. The ascent has been pretty steady, which I think many may not realize. Thriving in a generation that started sharing the dankest of the dank memes by the time they were in high school, they’ve turned consistent grind and work ethic via services like SoundCloud into vehicles to propel themselves to Billboard fame, selling out shows and making racks (and racks).

In the thick of it all is Ecuadorian DJ and producer Diablo, a 21-year-old LA-based Florida transplant. His close friendships with some acts like Lil Pump and Wifisfuneral has afforded him an impressive catalog of production credits and, well, a pretty awesome life.

Currently, he’s been seen rocking across the country with Pump, whose “Gucci Gang” has spent 17 weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100, peaking #3.

“I started seriously getting into [music] production around 15,” he tells me, “but, I always had a passion for music.”

His first notable placement was with his good friend Wifisfuneral, a south Florida rapper who (first) gained widespread critical acclaim with the release of “Light-Skinned Trick Daddy” back in 2014, and (just last year) at SXSW, signed a major label deal with Interscope/Alamo Records. “[I] Love that guy,” Diablo says. “He’s gonna blow up … feels insane to see that hard work pays off.”

“What’s crazy is most of these artists are good friends of mine, so when I see my brothers succeed it brings me happiness,” he continues. “I’m just happy that I get a chance to work with such diverse musicians.”

To date, Diablo’s biggest song out is his collaboration with Lil Pump, “Boss,” which went Gold, and is about to certify Platinum.

“I was already traveling back and forth so much I said ‘fuck it imma move here,’” he tells me about his recent (quasi-permanent) move to LA from Florida. “Not to mention, it’s a dope environment, and it keeps me creative and motivated.”

“[The scene] is bigger, and it’s getting more attention, which is dope,” he notes. But, he seems most grateful for the opportunity to be in the epicenter of the game’s current wave. “I’m glad I get to be apart of such fascinating time in music and hip-hop history,” he says proudly.

He’s been touring with Pump et al., for the last little while, but 2018, he’s planning on taking things to the next level. “I’m going to release an album with insane production and features,” he tells me. “I’ll also be playing more live shows this year — and festivals. A lot more collaborations, and consistent music.”

“This year is all about working with as many artists as I can and expanding as an artist,” he says at the conclusion of our chat. “Shout out to all my brothas Pump, Craig Xen, Smokepurpp, Wifi, Trunks, and Ski Mask … everyone has such a bright future to come.”

With this much under their belts — and all under 25 — it’s hard not to see Diablo’s vision. I mean, according to this Twitter post, he co-produced a song with Diplo called “Illuminati” for Ski Mask featuring Lil Yachty. 2018 is off to a great start!