Producer & DJ Diablo Is Surfing The New Wave On A Gucci Surfboard

Currently on tour with “Gucci Gang” rapper Lil Pump, he’s on a come up!

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Whether or not you agree or even fuck with this new wave of artists flooding the industry, they’re here to stay — and they’re doing numbers. The ascent has been pretty steady, which I think many may not realize. Thriving in a generation that started sharing the dankest of the dank memes by the time they were in high school, they’ve turned consistent grind and work ethic via services like SoundCloud into vehicles to propel themselves to Billboard fame, selling out shows and making racks (and racks).

In the thick of it all is Ecuadorian DJ and producer Diablo, a 21-year-old LA-based Florida transplant. His close friendships with some acts like Lil Pump and Wifisfuneral has afforded him an impressive catalog of production credits and, well, a pretty awesome life.

Currently, he’s been seen rocking across the country with Pump, whose “Gucci Gang” has spent 17 weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100, peaking #3.

“I started seriously getting into [music] production around 15,” he tells me, “but, I always had a passion for music.”

His first notable placement was with his good friend Wifisfuneral, a south Florida rapper who (first) gained widespread critical acclaim with the release of “Light-Skinned Trick Daddy” back in 2014, and (just last year) at SXSW, signed a major label deal with Interscope/Alamo Records. “[I] Love that guy,” Diablo says. “He’s gonna blow up … feels insane to see that hard work pays off.”

“What’s crazy is most of these artists are good friends of mine, so when I see my brothers succeed it brings me happiness,” he continues. “I’m just happy that I get a chance to work with such diverse musicians.”

To date, Diablo’s biggest song out is his collaboration with Lil Pump, “Boss,” which went Gold, and is about to certify Platinum.

“I was already traveling back and forth so much I said ‘fuck it imma move here,’” he tells me about his recent (quasi-permanent) move to LA from Florida. “Not to mention, it’s a dope environment, and it keeps me creative and motivated.”

“[The scene] is bigger, and it’s getting more attention, which is dope,” he notes. But, he seems most grateful for the opportunity to be in the epicenter of the game’s current wave. “I’m glad I get to be apart of such fascinating time in music and hip-hop history,” he says proudly.

He’s been touring with Pump et al., for the last little while, but 2018, he’s planning on taking things to the next level. “I’m going to release an album with insane production and features,” he tells me. “I’ll also be playing more live shows this year — and festivals. A lot more collaborations, and consistent music.”

“This year is all about working with as many artists as I can and expanding as an artist,” he says at the conclusion of our chat. “Shout out to all my brothas Pump, Craig Xen, Smokepurpp, Wifi, Trunks, and Ski Mask … everyone has such a bright future to come.”

With this much under their belts — and all under 25 — it’s hard not to see Diablo’s vision. I mean, according to this Twitter post, he co-produced a song with Diplo called “Illuminati” for Ski Mask featuring Lil Yachty. 2018 is off to a great start!

Riley here — father, artist, videographer, professional writer and SERIOUS hip-hop head. I'm a member of the Universal Zulu Nation, and I think everything is better on vinyl. Add me on Twitter! @specialdesigns
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Award-winning Chicago MC and founder of founder of C.C.G (Committed to Comradery and Growth), Hunnid, officially drops a visual treatment for his recently released single, “Money Up.” An anthem about hard work, endurance, and dedication — which are all staples of his career thus far, the song is the first taste of what we can expect from his upcoming project.

Hunnid, if you’re not familiar, is fiercely independent. He’s been quoted in the past as preferring the ‘do-it-yourself’ approach, mixing and mastering all the music himself, running his marketing campaigns, and doing his finances and bookings. “I’d rather be 100% responsible for any successes or failures than let my fate be in somebody else’s hands,” he says. His one-man squad method has won him numerous [regional] awards and nominations.

The new visual has a complex heist treatment, which lends itself to an engaging watch–check it out, above.

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World Premiere: Bhadwaiz Drops New Single “My Wave”

“When people hear this for the first time, I want them to take notice of what I’m trying to do and what lane I’m in.”

Ohio-based rapper Bhadwaiz likens himself as someone who brings hope to those around him; a shining example that following your dreams can pay off. “All I really wanna do is ride my wave,” he says confidently. Having generated some buzz on the Ohio scene for a minute, his first release of 2018, “My Wave,” is poised to take him to the next level.

“Straight to the point, I want this song to be the anthem for people who want to do their own thing, their way—and without any doubt,” he says. “This song is a mixture of contemporary and traditional hip-hop. When I say that, I mean the production is similar to what you hear today, but the lyrics are what makes the track stand out.”

“When people hear this for the first time, I want them to take notice of what I’m trying to do and what lane I’m in,” he continues. “I want people to appreciate this track in all aspects, and I know they will. I’m very confident if done right; it will be my breakout track, and I can’t wait for what’s in store after this.“

“My Wave” by Bhadwaiz will be available for purchase through iTunes — or whatever streaming network floats your boat. Check out the exclusive premiere, below.

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Kash Doll Drops New Mixtape ‘Brat Mail’

Detroit native Kash Doll has decided to surprise her fans with a special delivery on her birthday. The rapper releases…

Detroit native Kash Doll has decided to surprise her fans with a special delivery on her birthday. The rapper releases new mixtape, Brat Mail.

Kash started taking music seriously while working in the strip club as an exotic dancer. “I never really danced, Kash Doll tells The Fader. “I used to walk across the stage rapping songs, and they used to just throw me all the money.” She started gaining a buzz from her well-received single covering AV’s “Run Me My Money” and her 2015 mixtape, Keisha vs. Kash Doll. The next year, Drake slid in her DM to ask if she would like to perform at his Detroit stop on his Summer Sixteen tour. And Of course, she said yes. Her 2017 smash hit, “For Everybody” is one of my favorite tracks by the rapper. Inspired by Hype Williams’ film, Belly, Kash raps from a side chick and wife’s point of view which racked up over 10 million views via Youtube.

Kash Doll Drops New Mixtape 'Brat Mail'

The nine-track project features guest appearances from Natasha Mosley and Scrilla. Known for making boss moves and flaunting it in her lyrics, Kash reminds us why she’s up next up in the game. “My neck froze, it’s all ice/Put a ring on it, and name it Mr. Nice/His credit score 800, call him Mr. Right,” she raps on “Dancin.”

Her fans, which she calls “Bratz” couldn’t be more thrilled about new music by Kash.

“Today is not only special because of my birthday, but it’s the day my father passed,” says Kash Doll. “Brat Mail is a collection of songs I’ve teased on my socials that my Bratz have been waiting for.

Listen to Brat Mail below.

“For Everybody” video.

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Manny P Makes Debut With Single/Video “Facts” [Interview]

Manny P is an artist to put on your watchlist for the coming months. In the meantime, check out his latest visual, “Facts.”

Rapper Manny P regards himself as molded by the culture of the world, having lived in Los Angeles, New Jersey, Vermont, London, and currently, the Mecca, New York City. “Music has always been apart of my life … since before I was born,” the Mexican rapper tells AAHH. “My mom did a lot of musical theatre back then, so [I] was backstage immersed in all that while still in the womb.

Currently working on his debut album, Manny has been recording music since High School. “My sound kinda goes anywhere from really abstract, highly personal, to turn up raps,” he says. “I don’t stick to one type of beat/sound. One minute I’m on a dark ass lofi beat rapping the whole shit in a real monotone voice, and the next I’m loud and expressive over something more up-tempo.”

“Different beats give me different energies … they put me in different places in my head,” he continues. “All the pieces come together [though] to make up the full picture.”

Manny cites Pro Era head honcho Joey Bada$$ as the reason He started rapping seriously. “I was chilling with some homies real late one school night, and one of them had thrown on ‘Suspect’ from his first mixtape 1999,” he notes. “I penned my first shit to that beat. The verse still sits at the top of my google doc … like 50 pages ago. Through him I learned about pro era, then beast coast, and all that spiritual third eye indigo shit – I used to be on that.”

He recently dropped his official debut single on all streaming services and doesn’t plan on slowing his pace going forward. “I’m working on a lot of music, getting a live set together so I can start doing some more shows, and eventually I’ll have an album,” he says.

Manny P is an artist to put on your watchlist for the coming months. In the meantime, check out his latest visual, “Facts,” a colourfully trippy, and engaging visual feast to accompany the must-bump single. Manny has a clear delivery, and some surprisingly focused bars for new artist. The instrumental has a soulful undertone, dripping with a late 90s southern tinge that seems to get more infectious with each listen.

Add this joint to your playlists!


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