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Pharaoh Hussein Preps New LP “Lightyears”

Miami rapper Pharaoh Hussein has seen it all and been through a lot. He’s refocused negative to positive, combining the compassion he has for life and music and creating art dedicated to those like him; a black sheep, outside of the box thinker. “I was rapping as a hobby at age 11, but began to take it seriously around 17,” he reveals to AAHH. “I was saving money and paying for studio time.”

“My sound is dark gloomy,” he explains when asked about his sound. “Picture Earl Sweatshirt and MF DOOM with a little bit of trap infused.

The indie rapper is currently working on a project called Lightyears, which has been in production for almost a year. “It’s finally done,” he says proudly. “It’s dealing with a light vs.dark concept, which I think everyone can relate with; having battles with a darker side and mental health has become problematic in the world. I just wanted to address certain issues creatively and still be engaging and entertaining.”

He’s quick to state that his career goal is to run a label. “I know I could to do that, but I want to do anything that involves music … be involved in soundtracks, commercial jingles; you name it.

Next up for the emcee is the upcoming August release of Lightyears. “I’m [also] dropping the video to the first single “Skeletons” real soon … right now I’m putting everything behind this project, ” he says.

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