Image Shot By: @xandrosphoto

Spring will be here in less than 3 weeks, and already, (Virginia native) Peter $un has us feeling his colorful vibes in his newly dropped single, ‘All for It.”

The cover art immediately draws eyes to Peter $un’s (cartoonish) head, centered on a vibrant yellow background. The cover art looks like how the song sounds: “mellow and yellow.” The mellow, funky beat complimenting the raspy-rich vocals of Peter $un, reminds you of how 90’s hip hop once sounded, just with a twist of a Kendrick and Chance the Rapper sound. The moment the beat begins to play, you can’t   help but to recall the song “Lyrics To Go” from A Tribe Called Quest’s (1993) Midnight Marauders album. Peter $un raps about his progress in music and how he went from being overlooked to booked.

‘All for It,’ produced by Gringo (#freeGringo), has a catchy hook, “Lately I been living life like I can’t die, & if you tell me what you wanna do, I’ll be all for it..” Peter $un raps about how he’s willing to give 100% in everything that he does and just live his life, without regret. From touring to packed out shows with loyal fans, it looks like Peter $un has no problem going for it all. We can’t wait to see a possible visual for ‘All for It.’

Take a listen to the single, ‘All for It’ produced by Gringo, below.