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OYABUN Releases Debut Project ‘NVRLND’

Oyabun is a familiar face to AAHH now after releasing fire single, “Castle On The Hill,” and sitting with us for a thorough interview that gave us all, a sharpened idea of who Oyabun truly is (click here to see). With single, “Castle On The Hill” doing numbers on all major music platforms, the anticipation for his full project is heavier than ever. ‘NVRLND’ is a body of art that gives the people a world to escape to, Oyabun stated himself.

OYABUN Releases Debut Project 'NVRLND'

Consisting of seven fully-loaded tracks,’NVRLND’ was collaboratively produced by 1/4 of the Silent Killers, Lemieux, 6Twelve, Zavodsky, Richwell, and Oyabun as well. The track list includes single, Skyfall, Castle On The Hill, No Sides, Shadows, Stay Young, Pixie Dust, and Villains; each track amplifying the intention to help us escape to another realm, with cutting melodies, and thick synths throughout. ‘NVRLND’ is a much more intimate project that invites us into Oyabun’s head space.

OYABUN Releases Debut Project 'NVRLND'

‘NVRLND’ is a world within itself, that takes us through various motions: relationships, loyal friendships, inspiration through traveling, racial judgment, and more. I believe ‘NVRLND’ will shift the levels of music within all that it reaches– as the total solar eclipse will shift the universe today, and the fascination of those who witness it. ‘NVRLND’ is available for streaming and downloading on all major platforms below! Digest this project first, and tell us what you think @AboveAverageHH.

BTW! If your in Brooklyn this week RSVP for Oyabun’s exclusive album release party for ‘NVRLND’ here.

OYABUN Releases Debut Project 'NVRLND'OYABUN Releases Debut Project 'NVRLND'OYABUN Releases Debut Project 'NVRLND'

OYABUN Releases Debut Project 'NVRLND'



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