One-to-Watch 2019: SnewJ

For over a decade now, the popular video platform YouTube has cranked many memorable stars and make them millionaires to-date. Fresh into the new year, one of the stars on the rise is none other than Sam Newaz, while most may know him by his professional name SnewJ. The YouTube sensation follows in the footsteps of many notable stars as he transforms himself from a viral entity into a self-made brand.

Planting his superstardom back in 2016, the 27-year-old Los Angeles bred accumulated a fanbase through his hilarious antics like attempting stunts, pulling pranks, and flirting with women on the streets. Staying consistent with his content, establishing the moniker SnewJ, Sam’s fans grew into an amazing 829k subscribers and millions of views. Allowing SnewJ to turn a hobby into a brand in less than two years.

With an established audience, SnewJ began incorporating other personal interests like fitness and fashion. Creating his fashion brand, No Hesi and several personal work plans for those eager to resemble the YouTube star. Following the branding, came the endorsements. To-date, SnewJ is currently endorsed by popular exotic automobile rental company Turo. Using a few of their exotic cars as props for multiple comedic sketches.

This year, SnewJ is only getting bigger and bigger as more and more endorsements align themselves with the new sensation. Buzzing, Sam has focused a lot of his attention into his fitness trainning, encouraging fans to follow his personally choreographed regiments. Offering various body type packages for fans to purchase that include detailed steps to achieve the body of SnewJ.

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