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On The Come Up: RodneyPhimp

Waukegan, Illinois, is where rapper, producer–and entrepreneur–RodneyPhimp calls home. “I’ve had a love for music for as long as I can remember,” he told AAHH during a recent interview. “I became interested [in Hip Hop] after my uncle introduced me, and got involved with music after my brother formed a group that became pretty popular in the 90’s.” He coyly recalls as a child picking up an old tape recorder and lugging it in his backpack to school as if it were a well-needed book. “I picked it up and never put it back down,” he says.His music runs the gambit from conscious to the opposite–but always stays true to him, and laced with thought provoking content.

Phimp, whose name is an acronym for ‘Pro Hearted Intellectual Man of Paradigm,’ has a lot of buzz thanks to some regional indie-award nods and performances—despite only having one full-length mixtape release under his belt, 2011’s New Day. “I’m currently working on a new one now; I don’t quite have a title yet,” he told us. He did note, though, that he expected it to drop the second quarter of this year.

From music production and videography to photography and art direction, it’s clear that Phimp has his ambition set to maximum overdrive. He recently launched his imprint, the appropriately titled Paradigme Entertainment LLC; “my goal is to become one of the biggest independent labels out.”

This is a dog eat dog business, as he has learned first hand—but Phimp seems to be on the right path. Once described as hot—and the next big thing—by an esteemed panel of industry professionals, all [vested] eyes will be on the up and comer for 2017. For now, get familiar; check out his latest record, “16s,” currently streaming on his Soundcloud.

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