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NoahSoundz Bares His Soul On His Debut Album

When an LP is filled with pure honesty, you can hear it in every syllable. That’s the case, here.

“Every line that I wrote I put my whole soul and heart in it,” laments Brooklynite NoahSoundz on the outro of his latest LP, I’m Home. The super-lyrical Christian rappper’s project is his debut release and is — among other things — a testament of his unabashed faith in Christ.

“As a follower of Christ my foundation is built on spreading love and the word of God,” he says.

The project, which sits at 15 songs in length, is packed with bars on top of bars. For an LP — at points — overtly coated with undertones of religious faith, it’s tasteful, palatable, and incredibly well orchestrated. The closest allusion I can make is to Brother Ali’s most recent project; while Ali practices an opposing faith, what they share is an ideology that their projects can put forth their own experiences without telling you how to traverse your spiritual path.

I think the fact that this was his debut project was a shock; it’s an incredibly self-aware and we’ll-orchestrated project. It’s filled with jewels, and beyond displaying the depths of his religious drive, on tracks like “You Are The Reason” and “I’m Home,” it also just introduces his character and demonstrates his skills on the mic.

“Miracles of His-Story” has Noah breaking down an incredibly well-researched — logical — case for the existence of Christ. Definite standout.

When it comes to jewels, “Forgiven” is about letting go of the pain and harboured resentfulness that acts as an anchor holding us back. It also reveals — as a few of these records do — more insight into his personal life. He’s a father of two, and his faith, as is played out on a few tracks, can as a revelation later on in his life. An awakening of you will.

He also has a woman in his life — presumably the mother of his children. He dedicates three verses to his love for her on “Heartbeat.”

Now, BARS-wise, he’s at his full strength on “Rhyme Session,” where he ferociously asserts his MC status, and my favourite track on the project, “Touch The Sky,” where he attacks the manufactured societal norms and media perpetuated ceiling that are holding the youth from reaching their full potential.

“We are not held hostage by our past,” Noah told one fan in a Facebook comment on his latest video. This is powerful, and I think is a takeaway from the project, and from his story.

At the end of the day, this IS a Christian project, which may not make it the right fit for some listeners who prefer their Hip Hop a little more … gruff. For those who appreciate good music that comes from a pure heart, though, I’m Home is a solid cover to cover project loaded with inspiring bars for the soul!

The full album drops September 5th. Until then, press play on the first visual from the record — the deep storytelling cut, “Take Me Away.”

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