AUSTIN, TX – Trae Mitchell – AKA Trae Boy the Prime Minister – never thought he’d have a career in music. In fact, it wasn’t until his best friend introduced him to the music-making side of life in 2000 that he even started exploring with his natural talent as a musician.“Back in the day we would freestyle in the high school lunch room or in the hallways,” he said. “Me and my friend grew up together in neighborhoods located in north Dallas, and it seemed like everyone in those neighborhoods were making music and spreading word around the city.”

For the most part their music was just something fun to do together. But when that friend was killed while serving time in a penitentiary, Trae Boy made a commitment to pursue music with a passion and live up to the expectations set by his late friend. Today – 16 years later – Trae Boy continues to pursue music with a passion. His most recent single, “Whole Lotta,” has received quite a bit of air play on radio stations, and fans all over the country are beginning to discover his unique sound and ability.

“Whatever you want to do in life, you can do it,” Trae Boy said. “Don’t give up on your dreams. I’m 30 and I still dream and I’m still trying to pursue the dream that me and my best friend would always talk about.” The single is one that Trae Boy describes as a club song that just lets the listener “feel good.”

“It’s nothing much more than a song to have a good time with,” he said. “I’m inspired by Three-Six Mafia, and that kind of served as the inspiration for this song. Ultimately it’s just a song to drink and smoke and have fun with.” The single was followed up with a new album called All Profits, which Trae Boy released in October of this year. The album features 14 songs, and the release was hosted by DJ Genius out of Atlanta, Georgia. The album features most of his originals, with some features from other hip-hop artists that he’s worked with over the years.

Trae Boy operates as part of an indie rap label called 635 Entertainment – based out of Dallas, Texas. He first gained notoriety in 2009 when he was featured on a number of indie mixtapes. In 2010 he was featured on DJ Young Cee’s mixtape “Turfwarz Vol. 4,” which gained him even more exposure nationwide. Over the past five years he has traveled all over the U.S. promoting his music and making a name for himself.