Canadian-born rapper/producer Myles Anthony is ready to take the game by storm. Growing up in Vancouver, BC, he overcame adversity and the mental minefield that accompanied his tumultuous home life, vowing not to become a product of his environment. Music became his outlet, as he came up bumping legends like 2pac, Notorious B.I.G, Spice 1, Gangstarr, and the New Jersey trio, The Fugees. He began to naturally craft his unique style, which has manifested into an uptempo sound that combines hip-hop and electronic influences. It’s club/radio ready — and so is Myles.

He’s currently working on his — as of yet — untitled EP, but he’s released the project’s lead single, “Up,” on his SoundCloud for streaming. Featuring Kai Sky Walker, the song has a positive undertone to it, as he proclaims that he’s staying up, no matter what the cosmos throw his way. Ad Myles Anthony to your weekend playlist!