Denton, Texas rapper Muenster has been grinding for years now — most recently tearing up gigs with region jazz collective Wax Logic. Still riding high off of the year-old Radio Dogpile project, he recently dropped a new visual for “Rumblin’,” which was shot in Atlanta. A jab at substance lacking emcees and garbage radio music, the track shows off Muenster’s multi-syllable flow over an oriental-tinged head nodding beat.

As Muenster explained in an interview with Bess Whitby of the Dentonite, he’s working on new music, which he’s going to release as part of the Gitmo Music imprint. He’s also a huge promoter of unity on the local scene; “Be good to each other. All we get is one time around the rock we’re on, and all we have is each other.” It’s a wonderfully refreshing position in a culture bent on overbearing competition.

Check out Muenster’s “Rumblin'” video, below.