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Minnesota Soul: The Music Of D’Meetri

“Music is still a business; talent is a shy little kid without that business. From marketing to producing to distribution, I want to know it all and do all I can.”

— D’Meetri

Dominique Demetrice Farrar, who performs under the pseudonym D’Meetri, is a Minnesota with a unique perspective on music. His career burgeoned when he learned the only currency that matters isn’t money; but rather, fans. Gaining multiple fans and booking show after show, D’Meetri soon became one of the most wanted artists on the Minnesota music scene. He is also flexing his entrepreneurial muscle, with his company, One Life Enterprise.

D’Meetri and his brother, Tony, were placed in foster care as infants. They bounced from house to house as children, before making their home in Maplewood, Minnesota. As a youth, he spent years feeling lost, in search of an outlet, before being introduced to the church choir – and he hasn’t looked back since. This soulful, church choir vibe can be heard in his music. His Soundcloud shows his growth, from a stream a covers to his recently single, Ballah – a highly recommended listen.

He’s done an appreciable amount of collaborative work with local as well as national hip hop artists (Auburn, Mike Dreams, Fly Henderson, Etc). He’s also signed to talent agency “Ideal Talent Agency” In Los Angeles, California. The pace is maddening, the costs are pitched, but with an idealistic mind and aggressive work ethic, D’Meetri has what it takes to lead new perspectives in the industry.


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