M.T.G – Kendall

“I always wanted a Kardashian.”

— M.T.G

Chi-town rapper and Moving Towards Greatness is aiming high with his new single, “Kendall.” The track has a dump that zero for a hero undertone, albeit more mature – and explicit. Kendall, for those unaware, she is one of the two younger Kardashian twins. Not the one who dyed her hair pink and posed with on-and-off boyfriend Tyga on Valentines Day, the other one.

As M.T.G explains: “Today everybody is caught up in trying not to get played by someone. With this record, I wanted to bring back that feeling of being sprung for somebody and not caring what people think. It can be a generalization. I chose a (love) target, Kendall. I always wanted a Kardashian.”

B.I.G said it best: “Think big you get big.” Check out the joint below.

Bonus, he has another joint on his Soundcloud with Timbaland’s artist Tink; currently it’s over 400k spins. Keep your eyes on this kid. I feeling his name is more literal than we know!

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