Norfolk, Virginia, rapper Loso DaVinci was only two years old when his father was sent to prison. As a youngster, he filled the void—and found solace—in music. With an early love for artists that range from Buju Banton to Dr.Dre, he found a passion for alternative hip-hop. This past summer, Loso Davinci signed on with Jukebox Bully, LLC; he was the first artist signed by the Chicago-based management company. With the help of Jukebox Bully, Loso has become a rising star in the underground hip-hop world. Video production is set to begin on his debut single “Xany” in the coming weeks, as he heads to the sunshine state.

His latest single, “Trapped In Love,” is currently streaming on his SoundCloud. Give it a spin, and if you’re feeling it, mash the share button.