I love following up on artists that I get good vibes from. Take Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Lil 627, for example. He once told me “I’m an artist who tries to make different music, and create my [own] lane.” Finally dropping off a full-length since his last entries on our site, “Poor Nigga Blues” and “Stairway,” he more than lives up to his statement.

Music For Real People is an eclectic ride that rides a vintage Hip Hop sound — riding sonic palettes that at times have jazzy back sound and at others draw from the regional sounds that put his region on the map. The first song on the LP, “Pipes,” packed with gorgeous saxophone, chunky baselines, and a subtle vinyl pop, he raps about pressures being a black man in his section—Senay’s vocals pull it all together.

“Know Some” and “How You Feel” sound like they came right out of the MPC of Beats By The Pound (No Limit’s in-house production team) circa 1997. It’s a sound that dominated his region during that period when the South established itself as “a thing” in Hip Hop and a sound that has found its way into 6’s music.

His life/struggle bars on the soulful “Good Muzik” had me knocking the rewind button multiple times.

“Vivid Picture” and “Shadows” stand out with a slightly different vibe to them—both lyrically and sonically. “Vivid Picture” for example has a subtle neo-soul tinge, while “Shadows” has super strong let’s that accentuate the smooth and paranoid flow that see 627 addressing the would-be assassins either praying or scheming on him to slip.

Overall, Music For Real People is an excellent blend of nostalgic vibe, bars, and overall great vibes. Perfect for your summer drives. Officially drops on all platforms May 24 — check back for the official stream.