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YouTube Star King Kenny Rescues His Brother In Violent New Visual

King Kenny, a YouTube vlogger, prankster—and rapper—from the UK has been serving up content since he was just 13. Over the past seven years, he’s managed to push his subscriber count on YouTube to well over 600k members of what he refers to as the ‘King Kenny Family.’

That’s no small feat. As a spitter, he occasionally uploads diss tracks aimed at his detractors on both his channel and SoundCloud, with plans to release a lot more original songs as time goes on. His YouTube presence is incredibly strong, making it very easy to transitiom from basic vlogging to launching his music career into the right direction, all but assuring spins from his built in following.


His latest release came from an unsuspecting source of inspiration: his little brother’s kidnaping. Full disclosure, it was in fact a prank, which according to Kenny, was rebuttal to the numerous pranks that he’s put his little brother through over the years. Relieved that the $20,000 ransom—which he impressively came up with within an hour—wasn’t going to exchanges for his brother’s freedom, he quickly realized how far he’d go for his brother.

The resulting spark of Inspiration was a track aimed squarely at would-be kidnapers, and a music video that plays out like a live action video game—complete with an unreal arsenal of weapons. In the high quality affair, which he’s also released with a behind the scenes, Kenny infiltrates the compound where his brother was taken and mercilessly slaughters everyone involved.

Bar for bar, the delivery and wordplay are solid, and the production makes the track pop. The visual just takes everything to the next level. It’s definitely an entertaining watch. Check out the video below, and join Kenny’s family by subscribing to his channel!


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