Jonny Empire Delivers ‘Category 5’ (Album)

Jonny Empire is a lyrical heavy-hitter hailing from Stamford, CT, who debuts on our page today with his new album titled “Category 5.” Laced with 12 tracks, Jonny only calls for one guest feature from Queens emcee Cise Greeny, using the rest of the time to deliver havoc bar-after-bar himself. Production handled by the likes of The Working Man, Unlucky Bastards, Regal, Anabolic, Ruggz and Vintage.

Jonny gave a brief statement about the new project:

I’m proud to present my new album “Category 5.” Leading up to this release, I had the opportunity to release two EP’s that gained some traction online earlier in the year. After focusing on releasing singles, video content as well as the EP’s, Category 5 was an album I started working on in March during the early days of quarantine.[cont.d]” ‘m so thankful for everyone involved, especially the producers, who provided a canvas for me to discuss current events, goals and aspirations as we go into 2021 and overall, continuing to be the best artist I can possibly be. Life has thrown many curveballs our way this year, giving everyone the opportunity to reflect and make sure things are where we want them to be in life. This album was my version of this mental exercise and hope many others can relate to the songs on here as well.”

Check out “Category 5” in full now across all available digital streaming platforms.

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